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14TH International Conference on Apparel & Home Textiles
 08th September, 2018
At India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Theme: To Be Announce


Come together as an industry and build hard infrastructure, soft infrastructure like linkages, predictability and research & development.

India apparel industry has a hope of coming into the picture of preferred sourcing destination due to the changing scenario in China, Europe, US and Bangladesh.

The global apparel manufacturing industry which is around US $ 750 Billion today is expected to grow more than ever in times to come. According to an estimate, the global apparel industry will reach a value of US $ 1.5 Trillian by 2025. The Indian Apparel Industry share is US $ 17 Billion of exports. Simultaneously India has a huge domestic market which presently is about US$ 80 billion.

The Apparel Manufacturers are now adopting new techniques to increase their trade. New business models and competitive strategies are used to enhance profits and growth.

The conference is intended to cover all aspects of the apparel industry, including the problems of small-scale enterprises in the developing world, the barriers which are hindering the growth of this industry, the strength and weakness of the manufacturers in different region, globalization issues, resource and manpower scarcity, quality of the product, trade laws, adopting new techniques to improve productivity, managing global supply chain and finally changing apparel industry trends with ever-changing fashions.

A cross-disciplinary event, the idea is to explore creativity and the creative process through the lenses of imagination and innovation.

The conference aims to provide an environment for academics, researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and recent developments in the field of apparel manufacturing. The conference is also expected to foster networking, collaboration and joint effort among the conference participants to advance the theory and practice as well as to identify major trends in apparel manufacturing.

The Convention will be a great opportunity for international trade fraternity to know the dual strengths that India can offer, not only as a great supplier base, but also as a fashion destination for international brand. Hear about and share state of the art experiences in global fashion marketing and supply chain management

A few quick facts about last year’s version ICAHT 2017 of the conference:

  • Delegates from 114 Manufacturing Units and 30 persons from consulting firms participated
  • Over 600 delegates participated
  • More than 70% of attendees were Garment Industry Professionals 
  • As many as 60 of our attendees were Garment Industry Owners
  • 69% of our attendees were senior level persons
  • 14+ Speakers shared knowledge & case studies.
  • 80% of last year's attendees said they would like to attend and probably or definitely recommend the conference to a colleague


  1. Presentations from International and Indian invited speakers from varied fields of management, manufacturing, marketing, social responsibility etc. And
  2. Workshops will encourage attendees to put the creative process into practice
    Specific workshops are arranged on selected areas from the above list by eminent experts from India and Abroad for specific skill professionals.
  3. On the sidelines of the conference there will be a Poster Presentation to encourage the research & postgraduate students a poster competition on the conference theme will be held where 3 best poster presentations will get cash reward. 

Workshops- A Special Feature of ICAHT

It may not be out of place to mention that the concept of workshops and general interest presentations is a novel concept adopted by OGTC and has been found extremely beneficial to the industry in terms of specific skill up-gradation and creation of general awareness in the present times, which are really termed as knowledge economy.

For further details if any contact:

Mr. PMS Uppal, Chairman
Mr. R.C. Kesar, Conference Chairman    09810091812

Okhla Garment & Textile Cluster 
B-24/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, 
New Delhi-110020
Ph. (91)11- 41609550 ;, Visit us at

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08th September 2018
India Habitat Center
New Delhi
Theme: To be announce