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Papers are invited on the Theme – “” having relevance to the apparel and home textiles business. The interested authors may send title and synopsis of the papers to OGTC

Email ID - &

Please submit one page synopsis of your paper at the earliest however not later than 30th July 2017.

Key issues to be addressed

  • Direction: A clear sense of where the organization is heading and how it will get there that is meaningful to all employees
  • Leadership: The extent to which leaders inspire action
  • Culture: Shared benefits and quality of interaction within and across unit
  • Accountability: The extent to which individuals understand what is expected of them, have authority to carry it out and take responsibility for delivering results.
  • Coordination: Ability to evaluate organizational performance and risk and to add opportunities when they arise.
  • Capabilities: The presence of institutional skills and talent required to executive strategy and create competitive advantage.

Who are likely to attend

The garment industry owners, their CEO's, industry professionals, academicians, representatives from industry associations, researchers, consultants, service providers, final year and post graduate students etc.

  • Motivation: Presence of enthusiasm that drives employees to put in extraordinary effort to deliver results.
  • External: Quality of suppliers, partners and other external shareholders to drive value.
  • Innovation : of new ideas and the ability of the organization to adopt and shape itself as needed
  • Responsible Fashion: Leading to Responsible Competitiveness



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08th September 2018
India Habitat Center
New Delhi
Theme: To be announce