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October 31th and September 20th 2015, New Delhi
OGTC organized 11th International Conference on Apparel & Home Textiles on 31st October 2015 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 354 Delegates from Industry, Academics & Research Institute attended the mega event. Total 6 papers were presented in the pre-lunch session followed by six workshops. At the outset of first session Mr. R C Kesar, Director General OGTC gave brief introduction to the conference and welcomed delegates. Mr. Prashant Agarwal, CEO Wazir Advisors chaired the session Mr. M K Mehra, Director welcomed Mr. Prashant Agarwal by presenting flower Bouquet.
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September 19th and September 20th 2014, New Delhi
The 10th International Conference on Apparel & Home Textiles was organized by Okhla Garment Textile Cluster (OGTC). It is a two day annual event that was inaugurated on 19th September, 2014 and concluded on 20th September, 2014 at India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, Delhi. This year conference theme was "Commitment to Excellence."
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September 20th and September 21st 2013, New Delhi
The 9thInternational Conference on Apparel & Home Textiles was organized by Okhla Garment Textile Cluster (OGTC). It is a two day annual event which was inaugurated on 20th September and concluded on 21st September at India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, Delhi. This year conference theme was “Creative Thinking.”
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September 21th and September 22nd 2012, New Delhi
The 8th International Conference on Apparel & Home Textiles was held on 21st and 22nd September at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi. The theme of the conference was “The New Excellence”. The conference was a good amalgam of workshops and presentations, drawing about 450 delegates from different parts of the country. The event was attended by industrialists, manufacturers, research institutes etc. During the event, the speakers and delegates shared their views about the current status of apparel sector in India and discussed how the anticipated growth can be achieved. Steps to address various challenges that industry faces today were discussed at length, out of which substantial suggestions and solutions emerged as inputs for framing the growth policy.
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September 30th and 1st October 2011, New Delhi
The 7th edition of annual OGTC Conference was themed - "Making Competition Irrelevant". It concluded on 1st October 2011 with an impressive participation from International and National Industry Experts and good participation from Industry and Academia. The conference covered all aspects of the apparel industry, including the problems of small-scale enterprises in the developing world, the barriers which are hindering the growth of this industry, the strength and weakness of the manufacturers in different regions, globalization issues, resource and manpower scarcity, quality of the product, adopting new techniques to improve productivity, managing global supply chain and finally changing apparel industry trends with ever-changing fashions.
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September 24th and 25th September 2010, New Delhi
The 6th international conference on Apparel and Home Textiles ICAHT-10 themed 'The DIFFERENTIATING EDGE.' held under the aegis of Okhla Garment and Textiles Cluster (OGTC) concluded successfully on Saturday 25th September 2010, with the intent of managing better - people, processes and technology to aid the progress of Indian garment and textile industries.
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September 18th and19th September 2009, New Delhi
There is an urgent need for improving export infrastructure, lowering transaction costs and neutralising the impact of direct and indirect taxes
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September 26 and 27, 2008, New Delhi
ICAHT 08 was held in the backdrop of great global economic turmoil. Inaugural function of ICAHT 08 was presided over by Hon’ble Minister of State for Textiles, Mr. E.V.K.S Elangovan. Dr. J. N. Singh, Jt. Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, as guest of honour, Anju Bhalla, Deputy Secy, Ministry of Women and Child Development as special invitee Ms. Ashita Mittal, UNODC , Prof. M.L.Gulrajani, Mr. P M S Uppal, President- OGTC, Mr. R. C. Kesar, Director- OGTC and Mr. M. K. Mehra, Jt. Director, OGTC. joined him on the dais.
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September 28th and 29th, 2007, New Delhi
A galaxy of garment industry owners, CEO’s, industry professionals, academicians, representatives from industry associations, researchers, consultants, service providers, final year and post graduate students etc. numbering 305 attended ICAHT 07 . Mr. Ajay Shankar IAS, Secretary IPP, Ministry of Commerce and Industry was the chief guest and Mr. J.N. Singh IAS, Textile Commissioner & Mr. R.C.M. Reddy IAS, Chief Executive IL&FS Cluster Development Initiatives Ltd., were the guests of honour.
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September 7th and 8th, 2006, New Delhi
In the quota free market India faces a huge uphill task. We should not take our market for granted. Our competitors are inching to take us over and if drastic improvements are not brought into our textile industry immediately then India may be a loser in the long run . Most important challenges are increase in productivity, improve quality, improvement in supply chain and above all improve in manpower capabilities and skill all over by better trainings in all fields
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