Am I too old for my company?

At 56, I’m possibly the oldest member of our 20-year-old engineering firm. The average age of our employees is around 30 years. Every year, I notice that the figure keeps dropping. As the founder CEO, I’m worried about whether we’re doing enough to connect with the millennials that are entering our workplace. I’ve planned a conversation with my board on whether we need a younger CEO, perhaps in his early 40s, to take over from me in a couple of years. Is that a sensible goal?
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HR Practices make Heros

The concept of CSR now includes conducting business in a responsible manner which is essential for long term sustainability, shares Dr. Uddesh Kohli
In the weeks that followed 26/11 — the day on which rampaging terrorists killed some 150 people at 10 locations in South Mumbai, including 11 employees of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel — Ratan Tata made visits to some of the bereaved families. The chief of the Tata group, which owns the Taj via group company Indian Hotels, met a woman who pointed to the garlanded figure of her late husband and said: “My children never realised their father was a hero.” It took Tata by surprise, as he expected to encounter anger and sorrow. The above anecdote is narrated by Rohit Deshpande, professor at Harvard Business School (HBS), who was interviewing Tata for a five-part video case study on crisis management at the Taj during 26/11. Deshpande started to teach the course at Harvard from October 2010. His students, especially non-Indians, were transfixed by the topic and were incredulous why employees were willing to give up their lives when they had the option to flee.
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BBC Report Fake

BBC's footage on Indian child labour ruled fake.

The Panoram documentary, shown on BBC One on June 23, 2008, included undercover footage of three boys in a Bengaluru workshop testing Primark brown vest top.

The BBC has now been forced to admin that the 45 second clip was 'not genuine' and should not have been broadcasted. It will now make an on-screen apology.
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Hire Right

Five Ways To... Make sure you have the right hires.
When unemployability is an issue, India Inc cannot make the mistake of wrong hires. A potential candidate today has to go through many assessment tests, multiple interviews and some companies even set detectives on them so that they can be sure the investment they make on the person, is worth it. While Google has a long-drawn-out interview process, where the candidate is put under the spotlight over months and grilled by the seniors, the boss as well as juniors who would report to him/her, other shorter a but equally rigorous process before they give the official ‘aye’, says Devina Sengupta.
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Child Labor

US Blacklists Indian Exports Again for Using Child Labour. Country named in Executive Order List despite attempts by exporters to convince US authorities.
Country named in Executive Order List despite attempts by exporters to convince US authorities SHRAMANA GANGULY MEHTA AHMEDABAD INDIA has been blacklisted for the third consecutive year by the US government for engaging child labour in its garment export industry, raising doubts over future sourcing deals with global brands. The country was named in the Executive Order List despite several attempts by the exporters to convince the US authorities otherwise.
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