Sourcing form India

Sourcing form India

Why & How


Fabrics is a USD 115 billion, vertically integrated (fiber to retail) market in India. Due to India's rich ancient cultural heritage it is a designer's paradise with huge creative talent. There is a very good amalgam of natural resources, industry expertise, entrepreneurial initiatives backed by friendly Government which makes India a good source of a variety of fabrics.

Some facts about India's standing in the global fabric industry:

  • Largest producer of jute
  • 2nd largest producer of cotton yarn
  • 2nd largest producer of cellulosic fibre/yarn
  • 2nd largest producer of silk
  • 3rd largest producer of raw cotton
  • 4th largest producer of synthetic fibre/yarn



Value Addition

Production Capacity

Vertically Integrated

Long-term Sustainability

Broad Range of Products

Stable Political & Economic Environment

Skill Bank of Trained Workers & Managers



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08th September 2018
India Habitat Center
New Delhi
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